Amersham Quaker Meeting House has REOPENED following refurbishment.

Amersham Friends hold Meeting for Worship on Sundays at 11am.

We also have our Midweek Meeting for Worship on the first Tuesday of every month at 12:30, followed by a simple lunch.

Meeting for Worship

You can come as often as you wish to our Meeting for Worship and you will always be welcome. Meetings are held for an hour every Sunday starting at 11am. At 12 noon coffee etc., is served and members and attenders chat to one another. In Meeting for Worship you may expect to find 15 to 25 men and women sometimes with their family. Young children may stay with their parents but usually withdraw in the care of regular Friends for their own Junior Meeting.

Watercolor: Interior of Amersham Meeting House

Interior of Amersham Meeting House
Watercolour by Paul Garland

N.B: Quakers call each other 'Friends'. To include everyone, visitors and regular attenders we often use a capital 'F' and a small 'f ' thus Ffriends.

At your first visit someone may give you a leaflet explaining what Quaker worship is about. You are welcome to read this whilst sitting in the meeting room. We hope you will find this room, in its very simplicity, contributes to a relaxing peacefulness. Friends sit in silence seeking a gathered wholeness and sometimes, since we have no vicar or priest to lead us, meditation is helped by a Ffriend giving 'ministry' a few inspirational and spontaneous sentences. It is not a time for discussion and others at the meeting who feel moved to minister should pause for a time before doing so.

On a central table there will be a few flowers, a Bible and a copy of Quaker Faith and Practice which outlines our central guiding principles with examples from the lives and thoughts of Friends past and present.

What some Ffriends say about coming to Meeting for Worship

"I find after a busy week a quiet calm which enables my spirit to catch up and give me peace."

"I find the ministry of Ffriends at Meetings for Worship enormously helpful and often thought provoking."

"My spirit fills my whole being as I settle down in the stillness of Meeting."