Both the Meeting House and the Cottages are available to individuals and organisations to hire through the Warden, subject to conditions set by the Meeting. Despite its central location, the premises enjoy a high degree of tranquillity and seclusion, which together with its historic character, make it a unique venue for meetings. Typical users have included counsellors, charitable organisations, and more recently, children's parties!


The Meeting House

Meeting House with small, attached kitchen suitable for making hot drinks. The space also benefits from a hearing loop, and concentric bench seating which can be cleared to the sides.

Dimensions: 9.1m by 4.8m
Hourly rate £8.80

Conference room

Conference, or party room, with large kitchen area. The room, which also boasts a piano, has direct access to the kitchen with full cooking facilities and can seat up to 30 people.

Dimensions: 9.3m by 3.6m
Hourly rate £8.80


Library, suitable for small groups or counselling sessions.

Dimensions 3.7m by 2.8m
Hourly rate £6.80

Consulting Room

Hourly rate £6.80


We also have a beautiful, though small, walled garden, which may be accessible to groups at users' own risk.


Toilets are situated in the cottages and include disabled facilities. There is also disabled access to both Meeting House and the Cottages.


If you would like to know more, please contact the Warden of the Meeting House on 01296 482929 or or email