Aylesbury Meeting House interior

The Meeting House has a strong effect on those entering it because of its quiet simplicity and classical dimensions. It has been well looked after over the years and is in a good state of preservation supporting its purpose of providing a place of calm accessibility for those seeking quietness and peace in their lives.

The Garden combines its functions as a quiet place of Contemplation, a burial place and a family recreational space.

This small space makes a special impact on those who worship as they walk in preparation through the garden to the Meeting House.

The place has an effect on the many hundreds of visitors we invite to come into the Meeting House and Cottages as part of the Secret Gardens event held annually in the centre of Aylesbury.

The Cottages have served as a meeting place for groups and individuals from the town as well as for the many Quaker events that form the life of the Meeting - for meals, meetings and music.

They have been the focus for the Children's Meeting and for accommodating travellers in the ministry, for supporting those visiting their loved ones in nearby Stoke Mandeville hospital or Grendon prison.

They have also been the home for many families over the years, some as Wardens for the Meeting House. It is a much loved place by those who have lived there and by those who see the Cottages as the locus for the expression of their faith in action.