Painting: Interior of Jordans Meeting House

Interior of Jordan's Meeting House

Everyone is welcome to come to our Meetings for Worship. They are held at the Jordans Meeting House every Sunday from 10.30 to about 11.30 am.

We have no ministers or set pattern of service and each Meeting for Worship takes shape as it progresses, based on a silent waiting upon God. Anyone who feels moved by the Spirit to share what is laid on their hearts may do so. A theme often develops within our meetings and we believe that this leads to our growth as a community. Sometimes a meeting may be completely silent.

Jordans Meeting welcomes children of all ages by prior arrangement. Children would have their own activity during the first part of the Meeting for Worship and then join the adults for the last ten minutes of the meeting. If you would like to attend Meeting with your children, please call the Clerk at Jordans, or use our contact form.