Who We Are

High Wycombe Meeting House

We are a very friendly meeting at High Wycombe and you will be most welcome to check this out at one of our meetings for worship - 10.30 to 11.30 am every Sunday.

There are about 50 friends who support our meeting at present and usually 25 to 30 come to our Sunday meetings. We offer an outline of what to expect at a Quaker meeting on the next page but nothing beats popping in to join us and experiencing it for yourself. You could well find what you're looking for and certainly won't be obligated in any way.

Although rooted in Christianity - and many Quakers find their way to us from various Christian denominations - there are those who join us from other faiths and none. We believe in tolerance and work constantly towards conflict resolution and peace, social justice and equality. We try to live sensibly and simply, not losing sight of what is essential. We show loving consideration for nature and all creatures and the reverence for life leads us to recognise the dignity and worth of all people. However, we are only human and there are times when we fall short!

We place great emphasis on the importance of daily life and experience rather than on particular occasions. Every day for us is regarded as sacred. As well as our meetings for worship we hold discussion groups twice a month, focus on a prompted meditation called 'Experiment with Light' once a month and hold a guided meditation for healing also once a month. These are all evening meetings.

Every two months we have a shared lunch following our meeting for worship and this is followed by a speaker. Topics range far and wide.

For a number of years now we have spent a weekend at a most beautiful Quaker retreat and study centre, Charney Manor, in Oxfordshire.

Also, at other meeting houses in the area, there are programmed events - musical, theatrical, talks - which can fill our diaries if there is space. At Wycombe we hold a Writing for Pleasure Workshop once a month on a Tuesday morning and this is open to everyone, Quakers and non-Quakers.

Remember you don't have to be a Quaker to come to a Quaker meeting and we must emphasise that we do not pressurise anyone to join us. We leave people free to decide whether the Quaker way is really for them. With this in mind, if you would like to meet a Quaker to find out more about us and, perhaps, talk about your own spiritual journey, then please contact us on 01494 527128. Or, simply come to one of our meetings. You'll be most welcome.'

You can also connect with us via our Facebook Page and our page on quaker.org